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About Our Centre:


The Educators and Committee of Endeavour Child Care welcome you to our Centre.   

We provide care for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years with a maximum of 55 children per day.

Our aim is to provide quality of care for all children.  We offer them a safe and engaging environment and a place where they feel empower and nurtured to grow.

The team is guided by our service director, educational leader and supported by a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education Teacher who uphold the highest quality standards in educating little minds. Our staff are fully first aid certified and are either working towards their qualification or hold a Certificate III or higher in Early Childhood Education and Care.


At Endeavour Childcare Centre we believe:


  • All children are made to feel as though others care about them, know them well and are interested in what they think, say and do. “A home away from home”.

  • We build on each child’s self-esteem developing warm, patient, trusting and respectful relationships.

  • The environment is relaxed and happy – Educators sit alongside and talk with the children.

  • Educators express ideas, feelings and humour with the children.

  • Educators use techniques, such as sign language and other tools to support inclusion and children with additional needs.

  • Children’s efforts and achievements are always acknowledged.


  • Families are invited to visit (orientation) and become familiar with the Centre before commencement.

  • Shared understanding of child’s strengths, interest’s abilities and needs are promoted.

  • Culture of open friendly communication communicating respectfully and sensitively.

  • Parent involvement, knowledge skills and expertise are encouraged.

  • Daily information is exchanged honestly and open with the families on arrival and departure.

  • When required families are referred to and supported to make contact with appropriate support services.


  • Diversity within the team in regards to skills, knowledge, experiences and cultural backgrounds.

  • Sufficient amount of Educators are available for supervision: Extra Educators are employed for morning and afternoon shifts.

  • Continuity of staffing arrangements when children are transitioning or orientating to the next room.

  • Staff are provided with regular opportunities to further their knowledge and education through the provision of workshops and in-services (external and internal)

  • Positive working relationships and an atmosphere of openness.

  • Educational Leader designated to lead the development and implementation of educational programs. Other roles include mentoring, talking with families and working with other early childhood professionals.


  • Our committee is comprised of a team of family members who collectively enhance the overarching decision making processes for the service.

  • If you would like to become a member of the committee please feel free to reach out to the director.

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