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Our Programs

"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Seals (0-15 Months)​

Every child begins learning at birth. The environment is created to nurture and provide a safe space for all children. Within the babies room our educators work to create a routine that is followed and implemented at home. The routine followed is flexible whilst catering for all children. Our program is designed holistically. Your child will begin to grow and show their personality nurtured by the educators who set up engaging and learning focused activities. The seals room focuses on physical strength, hand eye co-ordination, communication, cognitive skills and fine/gross motor skills. 

​Turtles (15 Months to 2 Years)

The sea turtles room has been designed to develop children's language and physical skills through arts, reading and singing. The physical environment provides a range of opportunities to develop the milestones such as problem solving skills, social and emotional skills, spacial awareness and body co-ordination. Toilet education is also explored in our room through the large life transitional period for the children.

Dolphins (2.5 to 3 Years)


Every child in our dolphins room ​has access to developing their literacy and numeracy skills while continuing to build on the developmental stages. This room allows the children to focus on gaining lifelong learning abilities while also learning self help skills. While also engaging in children to develop acceptable social behaviours and beginning to be exposed to independently building and resolving conflict and relationships. 

Sea Horses (3 to 5 Years)​

Our sea horse room has the perfect program to help support and nurture your child. This allows us to grow your child's school based knowledge and prepare them for the jump to school. Our room is supported by a qualified early childhood teacher to begin the process in having a set up "school readiness" program. Our holistic approach empowers the children to advance to their next stage of learning.

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